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What I Eat in a Day-breakfast!

Hiya pals! I know I’ve seen hundreds of blog posts and videos of people listing the foods they eat in a day…so I thought, maybe I could do that! What I eat everyday varies by what I have at the house. I usually will use the same ingredients over and over until I run out of them because I don’t like to waste things but also I am cheap.

This is kind of a typical summer breakfast for me, especially on days where I don’t go into work until a little later.

Obviously coffee. I love coffee. Also its in this adorable mug from target! Most days, I’d definitely say I actually AM totes a morning person! I used caribou coffee, which is nice and smooth, then I added my new favorite creamer from Coffee-Mate Salted Caramel Chocolate. (Does anyone else have flavors they use at certain times of the  year? January 1-September 20 anything with caramel/vanilla. September 21-Thanksgiving Pumpkin. Black Friday-December 31 Peppermint mocha or gingerbread. Is this weird??) ALSO- DON’T EVER FORGET WHIPPED CREAM. IT’S THE BEST AND PUTS YOUR COFFEE AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE’S IN ANY COFFEE RACE EVER. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell… Maybe I did. I’m very passionate about whipped cream. And coffee. And CATS (the animal, not the musical. It brings up way too many memories of being all alone in the moonlight). ANYWAY.

Summertime is the time for fruit! I had some watermelon and strawberries because the watermelon looked sweet and delicious (which it was, thanks summer!) and the strawberries were $2.98 for a 2lb container at SAMs Club so I definitely couldn’t pass those up. They were also sweet and delicious. The kind you would use to make jam. I should do that. I love jam. Maybe after I get back from my trip I’ll post that. I HAVE PLANS.

Avocado english muffin! YES. Avocados were also on sale at SAMs so I picked up some of those as well. English muffins are always cheap there too, so whenever I go I pick up a pack of those. I like the whole grain english muffins because they are “better for you” and I like to be “healthy”.

Now, la piece de la resistance! The egg scramble.I love egg scrambles. Sometimes I’ll just throw one of these together and not have all the other stuff (except the coffee, but dont get me started again….) I like my egg scrambles to be mostly veggies. I don’t actually have many on hand currently, so I used what I had. In the fridge I had a summer squash and green onions. SO I USED THEM. I cooked the squash first then added the little onions (I already had them cut up because I had TACOSSSSS the other day) Making a scramble is 100x more delicious than just scrambled eggs. I like eggs all ways, but this is just a little more special.

 I hope you all had an amazing day!! 😁


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