Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad


Finally getting around to starting this blog and of course I’m starting with food. Food is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world and my ultimate passion. I love making food for people and sharing my recipes. Yesterday I made one of my favorite recipes but tweaked it a bit. I love chicken salad. I could probably eat it every day and not be sick of it. In my salad, I usually use grapes for sweetness but this time I forgot to pick them up at the store so I used what I had at home- Craisins. This chicken salad is delightfully tangy with the addition of lemon juice and zest and the almonds bring the crunch to the party. Should we talk about how to make this? I say yes!


These things- you need them.

  • Bowl, spoon/spatula/mixing stick, knife, cutting board
  • Rotisserie chicken (if you want to make this quickly, this is what you get. If you want to wait forever and ever, you can roast your own chicken)- 1 breast
  • Plain greek yogurt- 1 8oz container
  • Celery- 1/4 cup
  • Lemon- zest of whole and juice of half
  • Craisins- 1/4 cup
  • Almonds (you can buy them already slivered or chopped, whole almonds are what I had on hand)- 1/4 cup
  • Salt and Pepper- to taste

K. So now that we got that out of the way, here’s what you do with those things.

I like to start with the dressing so I can throw all the things in and know the dressing is delicious. Start with your yogurt. I use yogurt instead of mayonnaise because I like to pretend I’m healthy sometimes. Add it to the bowl. We good? Alright, cool.

Now…make that lemon naked! Zest the whole lemon and add that to the bowl with the yogurt. After that, murder the lemon. You need the juice of half of  it to make the salad delicious. Squeeeeeeeeze it in.

Add in the Craisins now because you need a little sweetness in your life…amIright?(If you’re listening… WOOOOOOOAAAHHH) Be sure to get a sweet action shot if you are going to document this experience.

Now take some leftover celery sticks that you used to dip in buffalo chicken dip the night before (I’ll probably add that next…) and dice them up. Make them small. No one likes big celery chunks in their chicken salad unless they are very weird.

Almonds- If you’re frugal like me and buy a huge huge huge bag at Sam’s Club at Christmas and have some leftover still (Hello, yes. I know its mid-July)… you’re gonna have to chop these babies up. You can use a food processor if you want, but I prefer the bigger chunks, about the size of the celery.

The Chicken. El pollo. Another Sam’s Club purchase. You really can’t beat their rotisserie chickens. 3lbs for $4.98. Yes thanks. AND it saves you a tonnnnnn of time. So now we take it apart and make it delicious. I like big chunks of chicken in my chicken salad. I was never in to the shredded chicken salad (I actually hated chicken salad for years until I had a version similar to this at my sisters house in 2013-SHOUT OUT TO AC FOR CHANGING MY LIFE).

Mix all the things together and scarf as quickly as possible. Its delicious on bread, in a pita, or a lettuce wrap. Sometimes I will even just eat it with a fork. I could probably do that today… I am probably doing that now. Its fine- don’t you worry.


This variation of chicken salad is so simple to make, but I should warn you— its highly addictive, so make and scarf down without even really tasting because you can’t wait enjoy at your own risk. 🙂



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