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New Year, New Planner! 

Hello Everyone! Happy 2017!

Last year I was bitten by the planner bug for work and now I’ve incorporated it into my personal life but in a much bigger way.  I was sick of saying I had no time to do anything, when in reality I would spend endless hours on my phone just looking at Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Someone once told me “you don’t realize how much time you have until you plan your day out.” I thought that was really awesome and decided to give it a try. Planning for me is more than just saying what I’m going to do today. I use my planner more like a decorative but also functional structured bullet journal. I love the idea of  bullet journaling and I would love to give it another try, but for now I’m really enjoying the structure of the planner. I took a few photos today during my planning (which took me about 30-45 mins) so I could show what I’ve been up to! I plan a few things beforehand such as my meal list and things I have to do personally and my work schedule (I use a totally different planner for work, so I just put in when I’m working so I don’t schedule other things). So… Let’s get into this!

This is my planner! 2017 Recollections Planner from Michaels. (This one is horizontal, my preferred alignment.)
When I plan, I like to have all of my stuff laid out. I have my post-its with what I have to do this week, my mindless TV show on Netflix, iced coffee (which it’s officially 11 degrees, so I should be drinking hot- crazy!) water, and a snack. Also that striped planner is my work planner. I keep my schedule in there.
This is the inside of my planner before I make it beautiful.
Things I like to do: Separate my columns into things I have to do today and my workout schedule. On the right there are small boxes and I use those to track my water and plan my dinners.I like to put a little washi tape over the top of the boxes as well just to make it look fancy!
Here’s the finished product! I love planning. I leave open spaces so I can add things along as I go. I got some really cool stickers from Michael’s that I absolutely love. They add so much pizzaz to my planner.
Ahhhhh, all of my supplies in their glory. I have invested in stickers, washi tape, markers,rulers, and stamps! I really have all I need (FOR NOW) to make my planner cute every week. Its been really helping me in keeping track of weight loss and what I’m actually doing.
This is what I use to track my water intake. Its a Nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle. I’ve been using it for years and it is seriously so awesome.

So, that’s all for today! Hoping to increase activity on this blog and also maybe start a YouTube channel documenting my weight loss journey. (I also have a fitness tumblr for talking about that as well.) I hope everyone is having an awesome 2017 so far (8 days in!) and I’ll be around soon!



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