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DIY Floor Cleaner! 

Hello again! I’m here with a homey crafty bit today! I have a little fluffer (Harlem) and a night time fluffer (Daisie) so I definitely need to clean my floors often… but with what!? What is pet friendly but also affordable? Items I already have AT HOME you say? Neat! Let’s get started! 
Total disclaimer: had no idea how this would work. I used it on linoleum floors and my plan is to use it on others as well. Since my hardwood is currently untreated, I wont use it on that. 

Another disclaimer: I would be a terrible housewife. I literally JUST bought my first ever mop and bucket for this project. (I’ve had a Swiffer for years but when you have 2 animals running amuck you need to bring in the big guns). 

Final disclaimer: this was my first time making and using this product. I’ll post the review below! 

Homemade floor cleaner:


K. SO. basically how you make this is you dump everything into a bucket. LOL. I added the soda first because I wanted to see it bubble when I added liquid. You know. For the sake of science. Then the plain old white vinegar. V cheap. V strong. 

Note for the reader: always trust product which is endorsed by duckies. This is the only brand of soap I’ll use because if it’s not a duck, it’s a penguin. At the end, throw in your scalding hot tap water. Does anyone else’s tap water come from the deepest depths of hell? Seriously flames come out of my faucet. After I added the water, I mushed it all together with my trusty new mop and had at it. I’ve included a before and after of my kitty’s food area. 

Would I make/use this again? 

Yes! It actually cleaned pretty well (pay no attention to my paint speckled floors) and took any odor away from the area near the litter box. Also it was very very cheap to make (basically free since I had all of the products on hand, but definitely under $3 if I had to buy the items) The only thing I would do is probably add a smidge more soap (or get a fancy smelling one! Holla green apple Dawn or if I were feeling even fancier, I’d get some essential oils- I typed that thinking it in a snooty voice in case you were wondering.) 

Happy cleaning! 



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