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Restaurant Review- Noodlehead PGH 

Have you ever had a meal when you moaned in disgust… because it was so DELICIOUS!? And how could it be SO DELICIOUS!!?  “UGH! ITS SO GOOD”, “I want a vat of the sauce. Not like a bathtub sized vat because that would be excessive, but like… kiddie pool size would be fine”, and “ugh. No. Yes. Never get anything else” 
Behold! Noodlehead! Those quotes were all uttered during my latest visit to Noodlehead in Pittsburgh (Shadyside). This is the second time I’ve been to this ultra hip noodle place and I’ve fallen in love. I’ve been dreaming about the noodle soup I had (above, appropriately called the Loveboat) for weeks and I just had to go back. I guess you could say I’ve gone…. overboard. (I’ve fallen in love. With the loveboat. It’s a boat joke… d’ya get it?)

This place has an adorable hipsteresque atmosphere that will make you want to buy huge glasses, ironic hats, short shirts, and high waisted pants. (Heads up. It’s cash only!!! They do have an ATM on site but there’s a $2.50 fee! )

The decor is simple and modern, mostly Edison bulb lights and simple mason jar flower displays. Also lots of wood and metal. You know. Hip things.  The menu is like the decor, simple and easy. I’ve gotten the same thing both times I’ve gone. The prices are ON POINT ( Like the carbonation in their locally made sodas) with my favorite item being only SIX BUCKS. I spend more than that at a chain restaurant knows for their “pick 2” deals that more often than not are wrong. 
Speaking of locally made sodas… say hello to our cast of beverages for the evening. 

Bachelor #1- Red Ribbon mint ginger ale. Sweet. Sassy. Minty. Enjoys long walks on the beach, limes, and rum. Oh. And mojitos. 

Bachelor #2- water. Keeps us alive. HOLLA. 
Bachelor #3- lemongrass honey iced tea. The most perfect “cooler-offer” when having spicy Thai-ish? foods. Enjoys pretending to be bad for you and getting caught in the rain. 
Today we started with the spring rolls.

Enter: the sauce. 

Listen. I love a good spring roll. And I love a good dipping sauce. But the spring rolls and sauce at Noodlehead went above and beyond my wildest expectations. The spring rolls are traditional veggie and have my favorite ingredient EVER… RICE NOODLES. IN THE SPRING ROLL. it’s been literally years since I’ve found any establishment who makes these properly. The sauce was sweet and tangy and a little spicy. The most perfect acidic accompaniment for the beautiful fresh spring rolls. Thankful for Noodlehead. #blessed. 


OY. A beautiful rich spicy broth with super thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil, beef, crispy wonton strips, and cilantro. HOMYGOD ITS SO GOOD. I thought about getting something else. However. I needed this. I’m not sure I will ever attempt to try another item at this place. Not that there are many options (which I like. Makes it easy to not read a novella before dinner, I’m looking at you OTHER RESTAURANTS) 

I could eat the loveboat probably everyday. It’s a rather large portion but not very heavy so you can eat the whole thing (I’ve done it twice). DEFINITELY cannot recommend this place enough. One of my new favorite places and I will absolutely be returning.  

Don’t forget our trusty rating scale! 

🍲- I will not be returning to this place. 

🍲🍲- It was ok- nothing mind blowing

🍲🍲🍲- I liked it… but probably wouldn’t go back anytime soon/order that same thing. 

🍲🍲🍲🍲- This place was pretty bangin. 

🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲- I want to have this foods baby. 
Official rating: 🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲 all day erryday. 




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